Community Bike Ride Around the San Diego Bay on August 23rd, 2015




Ride Information

General Info

  • Start/Finish at Embarcadero Marine Park South, near Harbor Drive and Park Boulevard, San Diego
  • Choice of 7:00 am (Enthusiast) or 8:00 am (Recreationalist) Start Time!
  • Scenic and flat 25-mile, non-competitive ride along the Bayshore Bikeway
  • Post-ride Festival with food, beverages and entertainment at the park

Please plan to arrive early in order to park before the ride and be at the starting point not later that 6:30 AM for the wave start staging.

Bike Rental

The Bike Revolution, 522 6th Ave, 619-564-4843, is offering a 10% discount on bike rentals for the event. Click here to visit The Bike Revolution web site.


Please plan ahead and arrive early! There are many parking lots and street parking spaces Downtown near the start area. Parking in the Convention Center parking garage on Harbor Drive is $15 for the event and is close to the start of the ride. Visit or locations near the start/finish line.

FREE Coronado Ferry Service to the Start (6am)

Flagship Cruises and Events will be providing complimentary special ferry service from Coronado to the Convention Center Marina and close to the start at Embarcadero Marina Park South on the day of the ride. Beginning at 6am there will be 3 ferry trips to the Convention Center available for passengers and bicycles.   The ferry will make only 3 trips to the Convention Center from the Coronado Ferry Landing. Please plan to arrive by 6am in order to use the service. We greatly appreciate the support of Flagship Cruises and Events, for providing this free service. 

 GEAR Check

You may check in your warm-ups at the start line near registration. Clearly mark the bag with your bib number. Do not pack valuables. Bike the Bay is not responsible for lost items. Bags may be claimed at the finish line by showing your bib number at the Rider's Gear Pick-Up booth.

Rules / Restrictions

Bike the Bay Ride is a fun, non-competitive ride for cyclists of all abilities. The safety of all riders is our highest priority. Please observe the following rules/restrictions so everyone can enjoy a fun and safe ride.

  • Helmets mandatory for all riders.
  • No individual riders under the age of 10.
  • No bike trailers allowed.
  • Riders will not be allowed on the official course unless they display bib numbers on the front of their jersey/shirt and wear wristbands.
  • Except for the one side of the bridge we cross, the route will be open to all traffic so riders must share the road and avoid impeding other traffic as much as possible.
  • Riders must obey all rules of the road, should use bike lanes when available and safe, and ride as close to the right hand side of the road as practicable.
  • Riders must obey all traffic signals, crossing signals and stop signs at all times.
  • Watch downhill speed and stay in control at all times.
  • Reckless, fast and out of control riders will be stopped and taken of the course by ride officials.
  • If you have a flat or mechanical problem, please pull slowly off to the right and out of the pathway of oncoming riders. This is especially important while crossing the bridge.
  • If you need help because of illness, injury, or fatigue, or mechanical failurepull off of the road to the right and place you bike out of the way in an upside down position. A SAG wagon and ambulance will patrol the course. First aid will be available at the start/finish.
  • Bicycle Repair will be available only at the rest stops.
  • Do not take photos during the bridge crossing. A photographer will be on the bridge to take your picture.
  • Have FUN, be SAFE and ENJOY the ride.